AFROVEST is an ambitious black owned company established in 2004 and converted to a Pty (Ltd) in 2010. AFROVEST focus was in the mining industry, however opportunities in other sectors proved to be attractive as well. This resulted in a strategy to diversify the portfolios in order to include other sectors deemed necessary to advance goal, strategic thrust and advancement of the company in a long term. Our business focus is in:

  • Mining and resources
  • Construction , real estate and property development
  • Beneficiation and manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Investment
  • Logistics
  • High Standard Service Provider

AFROVEST strives and identify potential partnership based on skills transfer and knowledge to take advantages of areas that requires improvement.

Our potential business partnerships will be based on mutual understanding, respect, integrity and honest trust.

AFROVEST is a black owned and managed company operating in an emerging economy with an intention to contribute to development of mineral resources, technology improvement, transformation of the society, contributing to success and social fiber of the communities.

AFROVEST is a responsible entity that embodies the concept of social responsibility with the view to ensure long term sustainability.


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